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This package includes 46 color pages. You may purchase it to print out the pages to be used in the family or in your class. This package includes:


  • 3 Topics: Women (to celebrate International Women's Day, Women's History Month, Mother's Day), Family, and Nature
  • 34 activities with great variety
  • Trái đất xanh sự sống, a poem written by Poet Phạm Văn Tình 
  • Con không hiểu, a poem written by national winning poet Mai Quyên
  • Activities spanning coloring, drawing reading, listening, speaking in pairs, scavenger hunt, language discovery, letter tracing, letter hunting, language games, and other language learning activities


For use in the family and the classroom only. Please don't resell or distribute the PDF copy. 

34 Vietnamese Activities PDF

9,99$ Giá thông thường
7,99$Giá bán rẻ
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