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Blog posts and resources in language teaching, learning, and research from Dr. Linh Phung

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Dr. Linh Phung

Educator, Leader, Innovator

Dr. Linh Phung is a dedicated international educator, innovator, and leader with a proven track record of directing successful educational programs, fostering academic excellence, and driving innovation in language learning. With Eduling, she leads a cross-functional team of IT developers, content developers, and designers in the development of Eduling Speak, an app that connects learners to talk in pairs based on 1000+ communicative tasks and games.

She's also a published author and expert in language education with publications in high impact journals, experienced in leadership roles, and committed to enhancing educational experiences and outcomes. She currently serves as an English Language Specialist with the U.S. Department of State.

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My Services



Invite me to teach courses and workshops about curriculum development, assessment, second language research, academic writing, and materials development.


Speaking and Consulting

I give keynote speeches, review and edit papers, conduct research, develop technology products, advise on curriculum development projects, and more. 



I collaborate with distributors, influencers, teachers, and interested parties to distribute the Eduling Speak app and other products that Eduling offers. 

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